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2017/08/13 - 21:41
Just found out about your society, where have I been !
I own the Hall-Scott Engine Co and pretty much do what
You guys do, try to preserve the name and offer as much help
To owners of Hall-Scott engines as I can
You have a wonderful site
Thanks for all you do

John Molesky
2016/03/24 - 23:05

Saw you at the pistons show in Cleveland Oh.
Looking forward to your show this year.

Pasqualino Ianiro
2015/07/26 - 17:01

Went to the show in Burton, today. As usual, I had a good time.

James Troxell
2015/07/25 - 09:10
Great opening day for the Burton Century Village show, perfect weather and great equipment to view.

Clay Martin
2015/05/14 - 22:49

I like what you're doing.

Ron Diffenderfer
2014/05/01 - 10:16

I appreciate the hard work that your group is doing in preserving the past for the future!

Ed & Bert
2013/10/15 - 16:44

  We have an old engine as follows: Fairbanks Morse Model 37 F 16 HP 1200 RPM 300 Serial # 968487 It is very large (40/50 tons) 6 cyl diesel with a single cyl compressor on the front. It was designed in 1937 and has a 16 inch bore with a 20 inch stroke. This engine is located near Vancouver BC Canada in a boat on the Fraser River and we are wanting it out. It was running well 20 or so years ago but as the boat sat unattened metal thieves took the copper tubing etc, but the main parts are all there still. Our question is, if you would be so kind as to reply, do you think you or anyone you know would want to communicate more about having it to restore or should we sell it for scrap? Thanks in advance for any help you can give us Bert & Ed 

Dan Wilkerson
2013/09/23 - 21:18

Who won the 2013 tractor raffle? :0

Terry Smith
2013/02/06 - 16:42

I found you as a link on the Coolspring Power Museum web site. I live in Central Ohio, and visit the Miami Valley Steam Thresher Assn show in Plain City each year. I will browse your site!

Pat Svegl
2012/10/14 - 09:12

We are interesed in attending one of your shows in 2013 but didn't find much information on your web site.

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